Costas Oskis - Guitar/Vocals

Costas is considered to be one of the best vocalist working London’s Greek circuit. He has worked in most of the well known bouzouki night spots in London as a vocalist and guitarist. Costas has appeared in many shows with famous singers from Greece like Sotiria Mbellou, Spyros Zagoreos,  Salambasis, Kafasis and others.

Having in mind the Greek and Cypriot Community of London and the U.K. he decided to form ‘Mosaic Greek Band’ with Andrew Theodorou, Peter Georgiou and Marios Symeou in order to offer the authenticity of the Greek sound with the two bouzoukis playing prima secunda

To this end Costas and the band have rehearsed endlessly so that their repertoire resembles as closely as possible the original versions.


Ilir Subashi - Keyboards

Keyboard player, singer, performer, composer, arranger & record producer.

Ilir started singing aged 6, when he was 8 he participated in a Children's Song Festival where he won first prize. He later went on to study Bassoon and Piano at performing arts school for 5 years.

Professionally Ilir performs Greek Folk and International Music both solo and as a band member. For over 25 years he has worked with some of the best musicians in Crete, Greece including George Sakellaridis, Peter Addis, Nikos Karydakis, Dimitris Kanlis, Dionysis Chatzimarkakis, Christodoulos Papadakis, Tina Tsibidi, George Livanis, Elli Adamantidou, Lefteris Vamvakas, Antonios Pisas, Michael Kanavas, Katerina Meliti, Ilias Katsavidis, Irini Kazana & Nikos Margaritakis.

In 2017 Ilir moved to London where he performed with Fanis Mezinis and Andrew Theodorou in "Panorama" and "Orama" Greek Restaurants.


Andrew Theodorou - Bouzouki

Andrew started playing the ‘Greek Circuit‘ 1975 in which year he played at The Cafe Royal Piccadilly, Theatro Technis and Hampstead Theatre in aid of Cyprus. From 1976 onwards Andrew worked at most of the well known Bouzouki night spots around London and later gigs around the U.K.

During the late 1990’s Andrew hooked up with Peter Georgiou and Theo Kkoshi (now deceased) to form a band called 'Trio Penyies' with the emphasis on two bouzoukis playing prima/secunda. After Theo’s illness the boys hooked up with Costas Oskis and the band evolved into its present configuration and have worked tirelessly over the years to produce the authentic sound of Greek Bouzouki music with the two Bouzouki’s playing ‘prima secunda’ throughout their repertoire.


Marios Symeou - Drums

During his early years as a musician Marios worked in Limassol at different hotels, night clubs and live shows with various well known artists and musicians.

Since coming to England Marios worked in Liverpool and Brighton for quite a few years with well know UK based artists and musicians. Moving to London in the late eighties Marios worked in the most well known bouzouki clubs as well as playing at dinner dances, charities, weddings and large functions.

Marios joined the band as their permanent drummer and percussionist in 2011 and has been involved with all major gigs.